5 Best Water Filter Pitchers in 2020: Buyer’s Guide

How much of importance does a water filter pitcher have? Is a water filter pitcher the much-needed addition to your kitchen countertop? Well, it is a small pitcher that filters tap water, and removes the contaminants to a large extent making the tap water more drinkable and safer. On top of that, the small water filter pitcher can prevent you from getting sick from the unfiltered tap water which has contaminants such as lead, chloride, mercury to name a few.

But not all water filter pitcher does the work and there are also downsides to a water filter pitcher.

For starters, the pitcher filter is convenient to use and is extremely portable, because it is just a pitcher. Also, installing a large filtration system could be quite a messy and tedious job. Having a portable and equally efficient alternative is always a perk. Don’t you agree? 

The Craze for Water Filter Pitcher – What Is It About? 

Did you think that your kitchen faucet always rewards you with clean water? Maybe Not! Such water has fair ratios of contaminants in it. The perils? Well, contaminants are certainly not good for health. 

There are tonnes of people who consume tap water regularly. The tap water is first boiled and drank. Water filter pitcher does the job and saves you both, time and effort. Complaints related to drinking water are quite a few in number. Some of the common issues include weird, unpleasant taste and a stench in the water. Having access to clean drinking water is necessary, and a portable water filter pitcher serves its purpose very well.

How Do They Work? 

Water filtration is an age-old process. Of course, the methods to purify tap water has changed with time. The invention of contemporary and effective equipment is always on a roll to cut-down manual labor and save time. Think about it – would you be happy to shell out some productive minutes of your morning, day, and night to boil and filter out tap water every day? Probably not! 

Investing in a water filter saves you a great deal of time without putting your health at risk. It is rightly a smart decision! Now, one might have to shell out riches to get hands-on a fancy big plumbed-in filters. A filter jug solves the problem right away. It is an inexpensive buy, to begin with. Using the jug is super convenient and hassle-free. What’s best? With the use of a water filter pitcher, water is purified easily and is quick. In a nutshell, a water filter pitcher ticks all boxes. 

The question that pops up now is how does the filter in the pitcher work? Let’s dig in and learn more about the process. 

Regardless of the brand, all water filter pitchers are designed using an elementary mechanism at heart – a filter media in the jug. When tap water is filled in the pitcher, the water first runs through the filter media. It soaks up and eradicates the contaminants from the flowing water. Results? One can enjoy clean, crisp, and purified water in no time. 

With that said, do not shop like a greenhorn. You want to make the best use of your investment, right? Well, research is key. Keeping eyes on the manufacturing brand is good. However, what makes a filter jug the best buy is its efficiency in clearing out harmful contaminants from water. The better the filter works, the worthier the buy it is. 

Cool Facts That Are Worth A Read: 

1. Consuming raw water is a big ‘NO.’ It could pave the way for water-borne diseases like Cholera, Diarrhea, etc.

2. Municipal bodies, dedicated to providing tap water supplies use an abundance of chemicals to treat the water. For instance, chlorine is a popularly used chemical to kill germs and bacteria.

Filtering water religiously is much needed. A host of chemicals in the already treated water tampers the taste of it. You might witness traces of bad odor too. 

Which Contaminants Are Mostly Spotted In Treated Tap Water? 

The water from your faucet is not just enriched with ample quantities of chemicals, but a few detrimental contaminants too. Let’s take a sneak-peak at some of the commonly traced contaminants in unfiltered water. The list includes: 

– Chlorine

– Copper

– Mercury

– Cadmium

– Zinc

– Limescale and many more. 

Things To Look Into Before Investing In A Water Filter Pitcher! 

The market is flooded with a diverse range of water filter pitchers. There’s diversity in shapes, sizes, colors, and certifications. With so many options at your fingertips, you are certainly spoiled for choice. However, to make your pick a little less muddled here are some tricks you might want to follow. 

 1. Read the certification with a fine-toothed comb

 Not sure what that means? Well, every filter jug, irrespective of the manufacturer or brand comes with a certification. The pitcher could be an NSF or an ANSI standard certified. These certifications are a clear indicator of the filter quality and capacity of the jug. Remember, a filter jug is not merely a kitchen accessory to spruce up the appeal of your kitchen. It is essential equipment, catering to your fine fettled health. 

Some pitchers are just good enough to improve the taste of water and clear off its smell. In a nutshell, these filter pitchers are rarely effective and work on improving the aesthetics of water. However, the objective of buying a filter is to toss out the presence of chemicals and harmful pollutants in the water. Those jugs certified with NSF/ANSI-53 are the best in the lot, working wonders in filtering out tap water. 

You might want to look into another crucial factor as well. Check whether the company you have selected is a member of the ‘Water Quality Association’ or not. 

2. Pitcher Material

 Water filter pitchers are affordable, period. Spotting pitchers crafted out of plastic is usual. However, bear in mind that not all plastics are of the same quality. Variants made out of the finest quality plastic are a good buy. Low quality plastics, on the other hand, are a big bummer. Refrain using pitchers crafted using degraded quality of plastic. Wondering why? Well, although it might be tempting to get hands-on a light-weighted pitcher, poor quality plastic could be detrimental for health. It induces chemicals in the water and creates an undesirable impact on your well being. 

So, what do we recommend? Before spilling the beans, please understand that no plastic is 100% safe. There will always be a few shortcomings. However, the options that appear in our list of recommendations include pitchers made out of high-quality materials like BPA-Free (Bisphenol-A-Free) and food-grade plastic. 

3. Durability Of The Filter

Keeping tabs on the filter life of a water filter pitcher is important. There are certainly a couple of factors that determine the lifespan of an effective filter. Here’s some: 

  • The quantity of water passed through the filter day-in-day-out
  • The amount of impurities and contamination present in the raw water. 

Thinking which filter should you opt for? Well, it is always wise to choose filters with a lifespan of 2 to 6 months. Using a filter for longer than 6 months is a big ‘NO.’ Curious to know why? Well, the filter functions by captivating harmful contaminants. The residues remain in the medium and with time, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for dirty moss and bacteria. Not only does this sound awful but the bacteria and moss will pollute your drinking water as well. Therefore, it is always ideal to change your water filter in the pitcher in every six months. Also, if keeping a count of days seems like a challenging job, go ahead and shop filters with pre-installed indicators. The indicator keeps you informed on when your filters need replacement. 

4. Built Of The Pitcher & It’s User-Friendly Features

Should you purchase any water filter pitcher that is easy to use? A good criterion though, one must also take a note on how convenient is the cleaning process. Little did you realize but if the attachments are difficult to remove, cleaning the jug, reservoir, filter and every other part of the equipment will certainly become a mammoth task. There’s no doubt that the pitcher must be durable and sturdy. This ensures that all parts are fitted properly and there are no chances of leakage. 

Pitchers with auto-open lids are a great buy. This feature comes in pretty handy when you are refilling the pitcher for use. Keeping the filter jug clean is absolutely essential. This step keeps bacteria, algae, and other harmful pollutants at bay and ensures that the water is well filtered and clean. 

5. Size Of The Pitcher

Isn’t it annoying to refill your water pitcher every now and then? If yes, then looking into the size and capacity of the pitcher is crucial before purchasing one. For instance, a five-cup pitcher is good for a family of one or two and that too, if you are quite conscious about its usage. Well, it is important to keep oneself hydrated. So it’s better to choose the pitcher of a size suitable for the whole family, keeps you free from the hassle of refilling it again and again.

What is the best water filter pitcher to buy? Well, you could certainly kiss goodbye to your dilemma by using the above-mentioned tips. 

Top Picks For The Best Water Filter Pitcher For 2020: 

What is the best water filter pitcher available in the market – are you still thinking? Well, let’s give you a breather from the long hours of hard pondering. 

Why believe us? 

The real question is why not? What is not good about going through a list of the top-picks and narrowing down your search? You will most certainly be happy to know that we mean serious business. Our research has been pretty extensive and we have curated a list of the best water filter pitchers available. Let’s dig deep and take a quick look at the variants that made it to our list. 

1. Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter

The pitcher by ‘Clearly’ is unlike the ordinary – one of the crowd-favorites and for all the right reasons. The filter in the jug is of premium quality and works wonders in purifying water. If you’ve been hunting for a pretty little kitchen addition, the filter pitcher by ‘Clearly’ is a great pick.

In 2018, the brand focused on remodeling the design of the product and include the best of modern technology. The goal was to enhance the performance of the filter jug by leaps and bounds. Earlier, the filter medium was crafted by Seychelle. Later, the brand started developing a cutting-edge filtration technology of its own named Affinity. There was a massive difference in performance. To our surprise, the product is not certified by the NSF but are tested and certified to filter more impurities even by the NSF standards. The filter jug has been rigorously tested by an independent laboratory (with a valid EPA certification). Studies prove that the water quality reaped post-filtration is almost 100% pure. 

What I like
  • The filter wards out 98% of Flouride and 99.9% of Chlorine
  • It removes harmful substances like arsenic by 99.6%
  • Raw drinking water is often loaded with heavy metals like lead and other detrimental compounds like Chromium-6 and other volatile organic contaminants. The filter works wonders in eradicating all such grisly substances by 99.5%
  • Unwanted micro-organisms like giardia and E-coli are kept at bay using the filter
  • BPA Free Tritan plastic is used to design the pitcher
  • The jug comes with a useful lid to prevent leakage of water. 

In a nutshell, if drinking clean water is your only objective, the Clearly water filter pitcher is your best bet. 

Warranty – Lifetime Replacement Warranty! 

What I don't
  • Regardless of the modern make, the pitcher is not fitted with indicators. Result? You won’t be reminded of changing the filter unless you keep a count of the days.
  • In the world of water filter pitchers, Brita is a big name. Unlike Brita, the Clearly variant lacks the filter speed in the jug. However, it might be because these filter jugs extract a lot of chemical compounds and contaminants from the water. 

2. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Although brief, but we did discuss the importance of a pitcher capacity. A standard jug with an average cup size serves the purpose of enjoying clean, filtered water. However, refilling the pitcher time and again could be annoying. The Aquagear water filter pitcher is one of the top picks for many reasons. The features that make the filter jug a worthy buy are listed below:

  • It comes with an impressive 150-gallon capacity. In other words, the measure is equal to eight cups of water
  • If you thought that NSF standards of 42 and 53 were good enough, this water filter pitcher is certainly an exceptional then. It is certified to exceed the standard bar of 42 and 53. 

There are a few other commendable features that make this jug a much-favored one in the market. 

A notable feature in the Aquagear water filter pitcher is its filter. To describe it briefly, the US-made filter is one of the best in business. It clears the water from diverse types of contaminants. Wondering about the toxic compounds the filter can soak up and eradicate? Well, from chlorine, flouride, chloramines, and arsenic to chromium-6, mercury and others, the filter extract all. In a nutshell, the filter is exceptionally effective. 

Here’s a little something you might want to know. The filter appears pretty basic in terms of look. However, the product is definitely on the pricier side. What throws off the appeal is the plastic material of the jug. Irrespective of these features, the product is a best-seller. Wondering why? Therefore, the feature that seems a little repulsive is not that bad really! 

What I like
  • The material of the water filter pitcher is great quality and durable.
  • It is incorporated with an exclusive US-made filter that has a very long life.
  • The filter jug is much more efficient than other popular variants in the market. It is certified to exceed the NSF standards of 42 and 53
  • The jug is made out of high-quality food-grade plastic that is BPA free and FDA sanctioned. 

Warranty –Enjoy lifetime warranty with the Aquagear water filter pitcher. 

What I don't
  • Although a pricey water filter pitcher, the model does not come with a filter indicator

3. Alexapure Water Filter Pitcher

Water is essential for survival. Having access to clean drinking water is a must. Unfortunately, opting for plumbed in the filtration system is an expensive drill. Adding chlorine to abate the presence of contaminants in water comes with its own set of offshoots. LEVOIT provides an affordable filtration system that is amazing in terms of efficiency and performance. 

Do you know what makes the Levoit water filter pitcher worthy of all hype? The choicest and highest quality of materials used to create the filter pitcher deserves a huge applaud. Like the other water filter pitcher listed here, this product is also made of plastic and is BPA-free. This product has a 5 layer filtration system that removes chlorine and reduces lead, mercury, copper, and other heavy metals in your water.

If you’re looking for something that removes or reduces TDS, it is not the product for you. But this water filter pitcher improves the taste of water and also softens it, as mentioned before, by removing heavy metals and minerals such as Ca+ and Mg+. The activated carbon and ion exchange resin do the job.

What I like
  • The spout-lid design keeps the water
  • Alexapure Water Filter Pitcher ensures a good capacity of 80 gallons. The perk? Less time is spent in refilling the jug and is a convenient and pocket-friendly option for families of small size
  • Cleaning the product is a lot more hassle-free and easier than you think
  • What’s praise-worthy is the two-stage filter process. It ensures the maximum purity of water. 

Warranty: 45 Days Only

What I don't
  • The only disadvantage of Alexapure Water Filter Pitcher is related to the filter installed in the product. It is essential to note that the filter must at all-times be hydrated and not left to be air-dried. 

4. Grand Water Filter Pitcher By Brita

Brita is an eminent brand in the world of water filter manufacturers. If you have been looking into filter jugs and other water filter options for quite some time now, you’ve certainly picked up info about the brand. Do you know what makes Brita a popular manufacturer? Well, the company produces some of the best known and efficient filters in the world. There are much thought and technology put into the process of designing and manufacturing these truly functional water filters. Water houses some grisly and annoying contaminants that if consumed, could lead to bad health and other detrimental consequences. The Brita Grand Water Filter Pitch does a fantastic job in removing the majority of these contaminants, present in your regular drinking water. Not only are the filters manufactured by the brand exceptional in terms of performance, but, the filter cartridges are efficient and easily available. 

Technology is constantly evolving. It aims at making life simpler and daily chores, a lot easier to be done. Are you someone with a lot on your plate? Missing out on things – is it a real issue? If yes then the Brita 10-cup Grand water filter jug is definitely your safe bet. Thinking how? Well, we do understand the importance of changing filters within a scheduled time span. Keeping tabs on the dates could be really tricky amid the hustle and bustle of life. This filter jug comes with an in-built notification system. The signal turns green when the filter cartridge is in use. Once, it close to reaching the maximum capacity, the signal becomes yellow. Finally, when the button turns red, you must remove the cartridge right-away. It simply signifies that the maximum capacity has been reached and the filter cartridge is done. Smart and convenient, right? 

What I like
  • Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher is designed with a 10 cup capacity. It simply means that you can kiss goodbye to the trouble of refilling your jar frequently
  • Filter cartridges of the brand are well known for all good reasons. It clears the water from harmful pollutants effectively. Would an insight on Brita’s filter mechanism help you understand better? Let’s go through the deets quickly. 

Warranty – The product comes with a 1 year warranty! 

All About Brita Filters: 

Brita filters have been described as super efficient, time and again. What makes the cartridges popular is their exquisite and well-thought design. The filter cartridge is designed in layers. When water flows into the filter, it is first sieved through two mesh screens. The screens work brilliantly in cleaning the water from large contaminants like sand, rust, debris, and dirt. To ensure better filter, the second screen captures smaller particles present in the drinking water. Once the stage is passed, the water puts up with the exchange of ion beads. Little did you know but the process works a world of wonders in softening water and warding out contaminants. 

Ion beads are mostly replete with sodium. On interacting with the traces of calcium and magnesium in the water, the sodium in the bead bursts open and is released in the water. It captivates non-essential minerals and cleans the water in a jiffy. Finally, there is an activated charcoal filter that traps in the remaining contaminants, including hideous chemicals and VOCs. It also clears the water from undesirable stench and makes it taste better. 

Happy with what you’ve learn’t about Brita filters? Great! Now, let’s look into the not-so-appealing factors as well. 

What I don't
  • An effective filter jug with a not-so-functional lid. While the water filter pitcher is a standout in terms of an ergonomic design, the lid appears to be faulty and ill-fitted. 

5. Zero Water Filter Pitcher

When enlisting who makes the best water filter pitcher, not mentioning much about the brand ‘ZERO’ is a sin. The brand certainly enjoys an edge over other manufacturers in the race with the ZP-010. This filter jug with an impressive 10-cup capacity is quite a standout. One of the most praiseworthy features of the pitcher is its exclusive 5-stage filter. Apart from the usual ion exchange layer, distributor layer and the active carbon block, the filter in ZP-010 comes with a pre-filter and an effective non-woven membrane. Still, trying to figure out the importance of these filters? Well, it effectively cuts-down the level of lead in raw water by 99.2%. It wards off unwanted solid particles, pesticides and harsh chemicals like chromium 3 and 6. 

A popular features that makes the ZP-010 a much favored buy is its unique TDS meter. Wondering what that does? Well, it helps you keep a track on the count of solids, before and after the water has been filtered. The Zero water filter jug is NSF/ANSI certified and is manufactured using BPA-Free materials. Another important feature is definitely the design of the filter jug. Filling the jug with water is easier done than thought and in a traditional manner too. For further convenience, there is a unique spout fitted to the back of the jug, alongside the super comfortable grip handle. Let’s jump into the pros and cons of the ZERO water filter pitcher and understand why it makes it to our list of picks. 

What I like
  • An impressive 10-cup capacity, perfect for a medium sized family
  • Clears off 99.6% of unwanted solids and chemicals in the water
  • Efficient 5-stage filtration for best results. 

Warranty – On buying the ZP-010, you can enjoy a 90-day warranty on the filter jug and 30-day warranty on the actual filter.  

What I don't
  • Longevity and life of the filter is not quite impressive
  • Faulty lid that does not quite fit. 

Which One Should You Buy? The Final Verdict! 

The list is out but are you still contemplating what is the best water filter pitcher to buy? Worry not! We have done our best in compiling a curated list of the best filter pitchers in the market. The models mentioned above have been tried, tested by thousands of consumers across the globe and compared. Only the best is laid out for you to pick from. 

That being said, it is essential to keep tabs on the nature of contaminants, affecting the water in your region. Also, bear in mind, the quantity of water you will have to filter out day-in-day-out. In short, what capacity jug does the trick. Last but not the least, what budget and how much you are willing to shell out. 

If you are looking for a filter that should suffice to hydrate a mid-sized family, the Brita 10-Cup Grand water filter pitcher is undeniably your best bet. An added perk – it is a brand you can vouch upon. On the other hand, if there is a price point you must stick to and not cut down on the performance factor of the filter pitcher, the Clearly Filtered water filter jug is a great buy. Need a perfect jug for a large family? The Aquagear water filter jug is your thing. 


1. Do water filter pitchers remove bacteria? 

Ans: Water filter pitchers are exclusively designed to remove 99.9% of contaminants, thriving in raw water. The contaminants include bacteria and virus as well. However, the most effective water filter pitchers are those that facilitate reverse osmosis of the water filtration system. This ensures optimum removal of bacteria. Please note: If the filter pads are not well-kept and maintained, it can turn into a breeding ground of bacteria. 

2. Are water filter pitchers worth it? 

Ans: If you were wondering whether water filter pitchers are worth the hype or not, it is safe to conclude that it definitely makes a lot of difference. In short, ‘YES’ it is certainly worth it. Of-course a full-fledged plumbed in filter system work wonders in purifying drinking water quick, the filter jugs are just as much impressive. Some filters could take a little longer to clear out the junk and pollutants from raw water. However, with the advent of technology, filter-as-you-pour models are just brilliant. These does remove contaminants and also clears the water from bad-odor and taste. 

3. Do water filters actually work? 

Ans: The answer to the Q is a big ‘YES.’ Water filters reward your health with a world of goodness.Different pitchers have different types of filters fitted in them. However, one of the most common layers present in these filters is the carbon filter. It soaks up contaminants like a sponge and clears the water from harmful chemicals, pesticides, metals and organic compounds. 

4. Is filtered water healthier? 

Ans: Absolutely yes. Filtered water is safe to drink and is clear from stench and repulsive taste. However, it must be ensured that the filters are changed frequently. Only the contaminants are warded off in the process of filtration. Essential minerals present in the water remains. In a nutshell, it can rightly be concluded that filter water contributes to good health. 

5. Do water pitchers remove chlorine? 

Ans: Water filter pitchers are recommended for a great number of reasons. What must be remembered though, not all pitchers are crafted in an exact same manner or perform in the exact same way. While most pitchers are designed to toss out contaminants like hydrogen sulfide, zinc, and chlorine that lends the water a foul odor and a peculiar taste, there are others that are even more advanced. Some filter jugs are efficient enough to ward out harmful lead. Therefore, you must look into the reviews and features of a product before buying it. 

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